Bible Journaling

a message from the pastor's wife, Mrs. Diane

Hello, Shiloh Ladies wanted to reach out to you and thank you so much for the feedback on our Bible Journaling for the Month of March! Some have commented on how fitting that March was all about “Peace” and how it spoke to them considering all that was going on around the world!

As I reflect on these past few weeks I’m reminded that our God is so Faithful! Our nation is battling COVID-19 and people are panicking not sure of what to do with the reality that they may not have a job, money to feed their family, families having to be on the outside of the hospital walls while their love one is being treated all alone and no one there to hold their hand or to console them and tell them everything is going to be alright. I’m reminded of that song “Fear is a Liar”…. it will take your breath, stop you in your steps, he will rob you of your rest, Steal your happiness, Cast your fear in the fire! So if you find yourself caught up in all this fear take heart for God will sustain you and He will bring you through!

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