FLIR Lepton Hookup Guidelines. Whenever all of us realized that we’d be screening an extended trend Infrared (LWIR) digital camera

FLIR Lepton Hookup Guidelines. Whenever all of us realized that we’d be screening an extended trend Infrared (LWIR) digital camera


there have been two words that we couldn’t stop saying: Predator Vision. That’s right, we were at long last going to be capable of seeing the invisible realm of heat, that would assist united states greatly if we previously discover ourselves shopping a team of special operatives in a remote forest… or, you know, trying never to scald our selves on a hot cup teas.

As it takes place, the FLIR Lepton is a fantastic little module when it comes to price and sheer technology has done a bang-up task spinning the breakout board and paperwork.

FLiR Dev Kit

The FLiR Dev package consists of a breakout in addition to a Lepton® longwave infrared (LWIR) imager. With This Particular kit you’ll be able to…

FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Equipment

Because Of The FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Equipment you are able to bring FLIR’s thermal imaging trustworthiness and capacity to the desir…

You will find, however, a couple of small “gotchas” inside the create processes therefore we realized it had been better when we provided that which we learned in using this thing. But basic… a touch of theory.

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Called For Ingredients

To check out this information, you will require the following components and program. You might not require every little thing though based everything you bring as well as your setup. Incorporate the hardware to your cart, read through the guidelines, and modify the cart as necessary.


Nowadays we’ll be installing the Raspberry Pi instance code as provided by sheer Engineering and showcased inside our items video. At the very least, we’ll become requiring a Raspberry Pi. and never much else, actually. Merely a number of jumper cables and additionally a monitor, keyboard, accompanying cables to suit your Raspberry Pi, therefore the FLIR Lepton cam of your preference.

Lower was a wishlist associated with the suggested section:

Notice: to lessen how many parts utilized, you can wire the thermal cam directly to the Pi using F/F jumper wires. For a safe relationship, you might like to incorporate solder a custom Raspberry Pi hat utilizing a prototyping board.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Tall Header – 2×20

This 2×20 “tall” header gets the same numbers and spacing of pins as a Raspberry Pi and offers your own board because of the capacity to…

Hook-Up Cable – Range (Solid Core, 22 AWG)

An assortment of colored cables: you understand its a beautiful thing. Six various tones of strong key cable in a cardboard dispe…

SparkFun Snappable Protoboard

Sometimes it’s good getting a protoboard that’s awesome lengthy and slim, very little, or a number of gaps. The SparkFun Sn…

Jumper Cables Premiums 6″ F/F – 20 AWG (10 Pack)

Jumper cable tend to be awesome. Just a little little bit of stuck core line with a fantastic good feminine connector on either conclusion. Obtained…

Heads up! If you find yourself obtaining the PureThermal 2: FLIR Lepton wise I/O Board, the panel does not include the FLIR Lepton camera module. However, this deals with command over your camera and raw videos information via USB. This is helpful if you’re connecting they your computer system and using it a USB online cam.

PureThermal 2 – FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Panel

The PureThermal 2 brilliant I/O Board was a hackable thermal USB sexcam breakout when it comes down to FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging digital camera fundamental…

USB micro-B Cable – 6 feet

USB 2.0 sort A to small USB 5-pin. It is another, modest connector for USB devices. Micro USB fittings are about half the …

To learn more about setting up the smart I/O board with your computer system, take a look at appropriate videos regarding your own setup to install the state Lepton application.

Computer Software

The sample signal might examined on a Raspberry Pi model B, nonetheless it should function great on any model if you has Raspbian put in.

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